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Talk about a Distraction… May 1, 2009

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I sometimes worry that I am so easily diverted from my planned tasks.  This only usually happens in my life away from work as I do consider myself quite focused on what I need to get done at work.  However, even with a to do list a mile long, I found myself making a platypus today which of course was not on my list.  I blame Donna because it was while with her at the Stitches and Craft fair yesterday, I bought the pattern from the lovely ladies at the  FunkyFriendsFactory and found myself on the lounge room floor last night cutting it out.  Then, I had to just make it today.  I had no time for this, I have builders in, a house that has not been attended to in days and a bunch of block party fabrics just arrived.

but I made a platypus for my boy and he loved it… and so it was all worth while.

What I need to do  is factor in to the time that I think a craft show will take, the time that it takes to fondle the new fabric, make the new pattern, think about the new stuff I have seen because, as I said, my life is in disarray because of my outing yesterday.

It was a really fabulous show for me.  I met Donna and we had a good look around together, we got to chat and just browse and then after she left, the boy and I continued our journey. That included him jumping up on the stage and dancing to the canned music (to the applause of several of the stall holders and the disgust of the security guards).  But just the fact that I got the chance to look at all the stalls properly made me realise that at other shows I really don’t see the fabulous quilts on all the walls, get to really look at all the exciting bits and pieces that each stall holder has.  I spent more time than I meant to because it was so lovely and quiet and I could enjoy and explore each stall.  A real treat.  Until the boy decided that enough was enough ( and it was) and we left to give him a bit of a run around before we went home.

And the platypus is a hit!  Knowing me, more to come.


3 Responses to “Talk about a Distraction…”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    Very, very cute! What a great platypus!

    I am also very easily distracted. Often I find myself, with, say, 10 minutes left before I need to leave the house, with two children to get ready, a preschool lunch to be packed, a nappy bag to get ready, and I’m doing what? Fondling fabric to see how it will look in a new quilt.

    I do that ALL the time!

  2. donna Says:

    Thankyou for meeting with me. I had a great time.

    I have a list a mile long and no time to do it. I know there are more important things and I am sooo tired ….. yet I have somehow managed to find the time to cut the fabric for two elephants!!!! I am going to give the one with lady bugs to beca. She loved the fabric. Thankyou for helping me pick it.

    Also I managed to get 6 squares out of each piece of fabric from the pack.

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