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Vintage Sheet Swap April 28, 2009

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I was ironing a pile of 40 pieces of sheet  the other  evening. Each cut up into a fat quarter and freshly laundered.  Trying to get the folds nice and the pieces even so that the fabulous Sheridan could distribute them with my other swappers.  My husband asked me to explain.  I found it hard to make it all sound credible.  I have cut up a load of old sheets to send off to someone who will send me back an equal load of other old sheets.  Of course, to me it represents the mother lode of vintage sheet fantasia; to him it is just more old sheets.  Is there any point in trying to make him understand or do we just accept that there are some things that we will never, ever understand about each other.

Anyway… here are mine, ready to go.

I have to say, there is one of these sheets that I didn’t particularly like.  When I bought it and looked at it at home, I thought it would not be suitable.  Had one of the the swappers not already included the sheet in her bundle (but in another colourway), I would not have even put it forward.  But the more I have looked at it, cut it up, washed and ironed, it has really grown on me and now I am just in love with it.  Isn’t life funny….

It is also funny that I laundered and ironed all the sheet pieces to ensure that they didn’t have an ‘old’ smell.  Just as I was flicking the washing machine on, I decided to put in a bit of lavender oil to the final rinse so they smelled ‘pretty’.  When I was ironing them, I was wondering why they reminded me of the smell of my Grandmothers house – that ‘old’ smell.  Of course, my grandmother used to use lavender scent everywhere.

As an aside, I couldn’t help myself as I was cutting up these sheets to cut out a skirt or two at the same time.  One of the sheets was so very pretty and the other had such a nice hem edging, I just couldn’t resist using it as a ready made hem for a skirt.  Fortunately, there is plenty of fabric to go around and I still had heaps left over for other projects.  I can see that I could be haunting the op shops for a while yet while I look for more clothing fabric at a bargain price.  When I see what Emu has done with some of her vintage finds (sheets, table cloths etc) I’m inspired.  I now have 4 more skirts cut out and ready for sewing.  fortunately they take no time at all otherwise I would be worried but when I get the white thread back in my overlocker, I can get going on them.  It is so great to have a few new things in my wardrobe.


4 Responses to “Vintage Sheet Swap”

  1. donna Says:

    My favourite is trying to explain to my husband why it is necessary to cut a pile of fabric into little pieces just to sew it all back together again.

  2. yarnplanner Says:

    Haven’t had to deal with that one yet. Any hints?

  3. Sheridan Says:

    The funny thing here is that the house is OVERFLOWING, literally, with old sheets at the moment, and my husband has not said a word. Not one! Maybe it just looks like laundry to him, and heaven knows, he’s used to that hanging around!

    Your sheets look lovely, well done!

    Can’t wait to see your skirts!

  4. Miss Vicki Says:

    OMG I love them so much. I am so jealous that I am not a part of the swap. Can you please bring a skirt to show off one Tuesday?

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