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Project Bag swap April 23, 2009

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I am still a novice swapper and so have been a bit unsure if I am ‘doing it right’. I signed up for the Rav Project Bag Swap with the Australian Swappers Group because it seemed so perfect for me – the combination of my recent involvement with the sewing machine, the interaction with fellow knitters and of course, my love of bags. I was keen but left it a bit until the second last minute and then of course, my machine let me down.

Anyway.. I finally finished (just a day or two late) and off it went. I made a grab bag, a pyramid purse and a note book cover and then added the usual goodies of chocolate, sweets for her children, coffee and hand made stitch markers in a vain attempt to make it all nice. It is hard making something for someone as a sort of gift but you really know nothing about them. I guess you just hope that it works and send it off.

the project bag swap

the project bag swap

My swap partner said that she liked it.

I have waited until posting about it because I had not yet received my bag .  But it arrived today and it is lovely

arent the colours lovely

aren't the colours lovely

lots of goodies

lots of goodies

I know my swap partner got a bit stressed over it all and I know what that is like so I really felt for her.  But I am so pleased with it.  I put a post on the Rav Swappers thread so I hope she sees it and understands that all is well.


One Response to “Project Bag swap”

  1. Sheridan Says:

    I love what you made! Such pretty fabric, too!

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