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‘Skirting’ around life April 22, 2009

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I never really thought I would bother making my own clothes when I thought about sewing again.  Yet, the lure of a properly fitting skirt was too much to resist.  Particularly now that I have made one (or two).  Anyone who knows me (or read this blog), knows I have trouble moving on… if I find something that I like, I sort of stick with it for a bit before letting myself move on.  So if a pattern works or if I am pleased with the outcome, I tend just to do it all over again ( and often again, and again…) until that feeling passes and it doesn’t thrill me any more.  Its not a bad way of working really because you get to enjoy the excitement without having to learn something new every time. At present, I have enjoyed making a pattern and sewing up a skirt that fits.  It took me a few go’s to get the fit right but I was so pleased with this one:

my first skirt (a bit scrunched from wearing it all day)

my first skirt (a bit scrunched from wearing it all day)

that I made another one today:

my second skirt

my second skirt

I can see a few more coming before I get more adventurous.  This sort of skirt just suits my life so well at present… simple, easy to throw on… easy to wash and iron, goes with a tshirt or singlet top.  I will try some more patterns soon but for now… this is pretty good – and it fits… right length, sits on my lower waist, is comfortable to sit down in and … cost me next ot nothing ( in fact the two of them together cost me less than $5.00 in fabric – how daft is that!).


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