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I think I have gone a bit mad! April 21, 2009

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Here is an illustration as to how the fabric and yarn thing has taken over my life and how it might be a bit out of control.  I was in Bunnings on the weekend, to sort out some taps for the new bathroom we have created in the underneath section of the house.  It was a pretty easy job, in and out really but I found myself in the paint section, admiring the colour chips and room suggestions, thinking how useful it was that they had put all those colours together for you. Dulux Taubmans do a range of chips which give you a whole heap of suggestions, right there on the chip (I’ve collected all of them).  I find them fascinating and keep thinking how useful when I am next planning a stripy jumper or vest that I want to give a bit of zing to.  Anyway… it got worse.  Then I saw bags of fabric – 1.5kg worth for only $6.95.  I found myself searching through the bags to see if I could find one in particular that had a number of pleasing colour options.  They were all soft flannel and I started to imagine a raggy edged quilt or pillow. Then I saw the sign – Bags of Rags… perfect for that weekend painting job!  Say no more… therapy next I think… or back to Bunnings.

(edited to correctly name paint company helping with my colour work and add link to their very helpful website).


2 Responses to “I think I have gone a bit mad!”

  1. donna Says:

    I love those taubmans cards. Our bunnings has stopped stocking them.

    We used one to help us with the colours for our back yard. I am pretty sure that we used the desert spice card – then we used the grey for the deck, pink for the fence, purple for the pots and the yellow was the pool pavers. There was no way we would have pick this scheme ourselves.

  2. Belinda Says:

    I love this post. It perfectly captures the obsession!!

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