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April 11, 2009

Filed under: finished objects — yarnplanner @ 7:02 pm

We’re away at present – well not really away, as we are in a house that we own in the country but is normally rented out. Anyway… we are having a nice relaxing time but it is cold. Much much colder than I expected so thank goodness for my Eva shawl (will add link later). 3 threw ot in at the last minute ‘just in case’ and it hasn’t been off me. The shape is fantastic ans so versatile. I clip it wrapped over me and behind my back. I clip it under my arms and behind me, I sling it around me and I just let it hang. I don,t know how 3 am going to resist another one before the real winter sets in but I have so many otgher patterns in my queue. Do you make another tried and true or branch out to something new? an ethical dilemma almost…Until we get back…


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