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Some Finished Objects April 9, 2009

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Having been caught in the hell that is Telstra, we have had really slow internet speeds which seems to make blogging a chore.  Still, perhaps with less internet, there has been more activity and so I have some new things to show off.

Firstly, I started my Doris Chan, Sweet Tea some time ago – I think it was in early February and I always struggled with the pattern.  I don’t think the problem is with the pattern, I just never quite got my head around it.  As things progressed, I got better but then with one thing and another it was put down for a while.  Of course, that is deadly because then you have to get your head around the stuff all over again.  I am pleased that I did because even though I had to redo some of it (the straps and the neckline), I am pleased with the result.  It is a comfortable item to wear and I have already had comments.  Not that you could tell from this very bad photo of me with it on.

my sweet tea on me

my sweet tea on me

I think it looks better here

the sweet tea

the sweet tea

I was also able to finish the bean bag I was making for Gryff. This pattern was pretty easy to follow but unlike some things I make, I don’t feel I want to make another one straight away.  Not that I couldn’t – I have enough fabric left over but perhaps there is a matching quilt cover or pillow or something else in his future.

Gryffs bean bag

Gryffs bean bag


One Response to “Some Finished Objects”

  1. thornberry Says:

    The bean bag is terrific and I absolutely LOVE your sweet tea! I’ve been planning on crocheting one of those for ages too, but just hadn’t got around to it – now I may move it much further up my very long Ravelry queue!

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