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My trip to Craftfest March 30, 2009

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It was an odd experience going to a craft show this time.  For all sorts of reasons.  I went with my friend who sews and thought that this time we could do stuff together but we didn’t.  I went, wishing that I had contacted my knitting friend Donna who also sews so we could hang out there, I met her there but I was just coming (having faffed about with my other friend and her friends) and she was just going.  We both had our nearly two year olds with us so a planned trip together might have worked but an unplanned one, didn’t really which was a real pity.  Anyway… I did buy a few nice fabrics – some for my friend who is having another boy baby in June – I want to make her a baby quilt but she doesn’t do ‘cute’!

for Melissa's baby boy?  Due June

for Melissa's baby boy? Due June

I think I like some of the fabrics that I already have bought for my boy but not sure that it is not rude to make a quilt for a present and make one for yourself out of the same fabric.  I will think on that a bit more.

I also bought a couple of specific FQs for my block party chums.

block party fabrics for my friends

block party fabrics for my friends

I wonder if they can tell who they are for.

I then found the most wonderful bundle and wished I had more time to look through that particular stall’s stash (isn’t it always the way) but pleased with it – I think it is for me but I suspect that some of the future block party fabrics will get some of it as well.

fabrics for me (and some block party girls I'm sure)

fabrics for me (and some block party girls I'm sure)

I bought a lovely pattern of ‘lucky owls‘ from BE BE BOLD. I thought it would be a great pattern for using up scraps and making quick gifts.  Unfortunately, the instructions were not in the pattern envelope and I haven’t had a chance to check if they have arrived by email yet.. BUT.. I love the japanese textiles but still not sure what they are about (they seem a bit like a dark art to me) but I will get around to them.  It was the same with the Noro yarns, it took me a while to have some confidence that I could do them justice.

So that was my day – I think I will do it a bit differently next time.  I like the idea of walking the aisles with someone who I can discuss things with (so my boy doesn’t count) but if I have the boy with me, understands the dynamic.

It is one thing I have never really got used to with having a child.  When you are with people who don’t have children, I find it incredibly stressful to carry on a conversation when you are torn between meeting the needs of the little one (say with lunch, dinner, entertainment… whatever) and being an intelligent, interesting, maybe even funny human being.  The two things just don’t work for me.  Funny that… I wonder if it is something that you learn over time (more time than 21 months obviously… lol).

Enough….will try harder.


One Response to “My trip to Craftfest”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    I always joke that our mother’s group has never finished a conversation in 4 years. So, it doesn’t work for me either.

    Lovely fabric haul! If I had the energy, I would run upstairs and see whose fabric I sent you…..but I think I will wait and be surprised. They are very lucky anyway, as they are really nice fabrics.

    Also love your pink/blue/brown bundle. Especially the bottom one – do you know what it is? Very pretty!

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