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a bit of back log to fill the space… March 26, 2009

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I am actually working hard on new projects, its just that I don’t have anything really to show for it.  I have chosen all but one of my block party complimentary fabrics but I really want to get the blocks made before I let any kitty cats out of the sacks.  I am feeling comfortable with my choices and I hope my block party friends will like them.

While i have been working on a few bits and pieces, I realised how often I am wearing a pair of the amy butler lounge pants from ‘In Stitches’ and had not yet blogged about them.  It is a great pattern from which I have made other pairs for myself and for my sister.  My other sister and my mother have ‘orders in’ for upcoming gift giving events (mothers day and birth day) so I guess they work.  Still, this pair are a little different.

I should explain… after making a couple of pairs, experimenting with using my new overlocker and not and doing a bit of applique to match on a singlet top, I found some fabric at a local store (not Spotlight) which caught my eye.  It turns out it was Sari fabric (and being that an Indian couple own the store that is not a surprise) and it has a bordered edge and a really neat (read tidy, not cool) selvage edge so that the fabric does not need to be hemmed.  I thought that it was perfect for the wide leg lounge pants and them realised that mine needed to be a bit more ‘hollywood’ so I added an extra tie across from each side seam.  This in fact covers the  drawstring tie at the top and makes it all look a bit more dramatic.  Not sure I will do it again but it suits the look of the fabric.  I happened to have a singlet top that matched so that just goes with it .. not specially made.  It works for me and they do feel very comfortable.  My mum said I looked very glamorous and I don’t get that comment very often nowadays so that makes it very worthwhile.

Hollywood Pants


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