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Block Party Fabric March 16, 2009

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I have finally decided on my block party fabric and here is a very very bad picture of it.

my block party fabric

my block party fabric

It is actually the prettiest of minty pistashio green and the heart flowers are subtle grey and white.  I spent ages trying to ‘second guess’ what the others would do with a fabric but then decided (as a very wise lady once told me) that I just needed to start with a fabric that I loved and the other clever ladies would do the rest.  I’m sure she is right and I kept going back to this fabric time and time again.

I have now cut it up to the big squares according to instructions ( I hope) as carefully and as precisely as I could and now it has gone off to the lovely block party swap goddess who is organising this extravaganza. I hope I have done it right and that it is good enough to go out to all the others.   I am so grateful because already I am learning heaps about cutting and organising the squares.  Goodness knows how much I will have learned by the end of it.  This is such a good opportunity to learn about the whole process, step by step and with the opportunity to try different approaches to the craft.  I am really looking forward to matching all the other fabrics that will come my way – of course I don’t really have a stash to dive in to but it will give me a good opportunity to compare the fabrics with a wide range in the store before making my decision.  I feel really pleased that I am travelling down this path and whilst my crocheting and knitting is suffering somewhat – it is a great path to be on at present.


2 Responses to “Block Party Fabric”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    You are way too kind! I’m so pleased that you are diving in and having a go. I really hope that you enjoy it!

  2. chaletgirl Says:

    Oh, and yes you did it perfectly! I have made four of your blocks already!

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