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I’m back… March 1, 2009

Filed under: bits of life,current projects,sewing — yarnplanner @ 12:32 pm

although still not quite with it yet.  It seems that with work and a disabled husband and the loss of our internet connection for nearly a week (which put me further behind in my work) and my tummy upset and the trailer that needed to go to the dump and the taps that needed fixing……. I’ve not had a lot of time for blogging.  Not had time for anything much so I have no photos of anything special and nothing actually finished recently.  I am trying hard to get the Sweet Tea done and I have cut out some of the panels for a bean bag chair for Gryff but that is all.  It has been really interesting to analyse where creativity and activity fits in to life because even though I tell myself that I might physically have the time in my day to get all these extra things done, it just ain’t happening.  Still, I have taken some baby steps to getting things back on track.  I have chosen the fabric for my project bag swap partner, not a pattern yet.  I have joined Chaletgirls block swap which should be great and such a fab way for me to get my first quilt done without having to make too many decisions myself.


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