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The Clapotis frustration and other stuff February 14, 2009

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I can see why some people seem to get a bit miffed at the Clap as they are making it but then love it at the end.  I am only a small way in to mine and it is so disappointing.  Not because the knitting isn’t fun or the pattern is difficult or even that it is not what I expected… it is just that you don’t see anything as you are knitting, you just end up with a stockinette stitch triangle.  It looks a bit different I guess, with a few twisted stitches but it doesn’t resonate ‘great project‘ or ‘big effort‘ or even ‘I know what I’m doing and my stitch count is right on the button‘.  It just sits there and pretends it doesn’t care that you are being so careful about your ktbls and your pfbs.  Still, I’m sure you must get to the point in your pattern where you start to see something.  That will be good.  Mine looks a lot like it did when I took the photo of the stitch markers (only a bit bigger) and I’m sure it will continue to look like that until I can start dropping a few stitches.

On another unrelated point, I think I have found a pattern for the ‘Thomas and Friends’ fabric I bought in the Spotlight sale recently.  I did buy quite a bit of it and to be honest, it is not really lovely fabric but my boy does love Thomas and so I felt I had to have it to make something for him.  Browsing through the Sew Mama Sew blog gave me this..Bean Bag Chair.  It will be perfect.  I have two fabrics already and I will just get a solid or two to compliment.  It will be fab and something that I think he will really enjoy.  It would be great to have it ready for when he moves rooms (which only happens when our renovations are complete and his Dad’s broken ankle is mended I suspect).  Still, 10 year olds still like bean bags don’t they??

the thomas fabrics

the thomas fabrics


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