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A brief aside February 13, 2009

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I found when I was trying to get another row on my Clapotis done last night that the stitch markers I was using (those silly round plastic Birch ones) were really getting in the way.  Because they have no weight to them the move about the stitch as you are trying to get the yarn around them.  I had thought in the past that I should pull out my old beading stuff and make a few and so I did!  9 at night is really too late for me to start anything but I’m pleased I got them done.  They are great because they seem to hold the knitting better on the needle because they do have a bit of weight.  I also realised that I would need heaps of them for this project and so just kept going until the beads were all used up.   I used some ‘knuckle’ beads which have little hearts on the end of them and just tried to match up the colours.  I used to bead quite a lot until I became so pregnant that I couldn’t lean easily over the work.  I don’t think beading is compatible with having a little boy in the house because you would have to move it around all the time to make sure he didn’t get to it and then if he did…. yikes.  Much prefer knitting which I can shove in a bag or sewing which can just be moved away.

stitch markers

stitch markers


2 Responses to “A brief aside”

  1. donna Says:

    I am very impressed. You will have to show me how you make these!!

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