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Just what is a co-incidence? February 11, 2009

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I have been thinking about this question a lot today as I saw a lot of little decisions coming together to one perfect project.

My sewing has been all very experimental as I try different things to see what excites me.  Well, when I say try different things, I really mean try to make as many bags as I can from the nicest fabrics I can find and afford.  But I have made the little day care quilt for Gryff and a few table cloths just to try to be ‘useful’.  Anyway, the other day when I was in Spotlight I started to wander around the ‘dress fabrics’ – sort of in a different section from the quilting fabrics but decided that there was no way I could choose anything as I had no idea what I would make and why and so therefore did not know what type of fabric or how much.  But I wandered a bit more and decided that I really should try to make something and I would keep that idea in my head.  Then I came to the remnants bin and found a really nice poplin cotton that I thought I could make in to anything!  At $2 a metre and 2.65 metres I thought, ‘what the heck’ and bought it.

on the spur of the moment fabric

on the spur of the moment fabric

But with no idea what to make, it just got stashed.  The thought of searching through pattern books haunted me and I just decided it could wait – but of course it can’t.

To make a long story short, the perfect pattern has presented itself, the Amy Butler wide leg pants which are in the book which was destined for my shelf on the Rav destash thread and which Donna has made and I think are fab.  And now I am just waiting for the book to arrive.  Why am I so in awe of these few things coming together?  I guess because I have no idea what I am doing, and yet it all seems to be coming along very nicely.  So I hope soon I will be able to show a pair of wide leg trousers which I am really really happy with and which cost me less than $5 (plus the cost of the book etc).


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