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Another sweet pyramid February 11, 2009

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Today I resisted the temptation to change my plans and make a different bag.  It is part of my ongoing education to do things a few times so last night after finishing the first pyramid purse done according to the pattern, I decided to do one twice as big.  Not bad for someone who is a bit mathematically challenged and who really doesn’t know why any measurement is why it is.  Anyway, it seems I got the measurements right when I decided to use a 20cm zip instead of a 10cm one and I have ended up with a pretty neat purse.

 a perfect pyramid purse

a perfect pyramid purse

As you can imagine, it is lined with the lime green twill and so matches the beach bag.  I think it will be perfect to go with the bag, for stuff that you really want to keep the sand away from.  I used a heavy iron on interfacing and the fabric is reasonably heavy so it stands up well on its own.

The real learning point for me has been that an accurate cut out is the key to accurate sewing.  My new square rulery thing and roller cutter are making all the difference.  I know I can’t (and really don’t need to) fudge seams because it is all fitting together so well.  I am being very careful when I am cutting out but it is a really good lesson.  Another good lesson is doing things a few times…. I’m pleased I did this one again so soon.

What next I wonder?


2 Responses to “Another sweet pyramid”

  1. donna Says:

    Now that looks awesome. I think that it is the perfect size for a project bag. Maybe I will make one of these for my swapee.

    • yarnplanner Says:

      It’s a good size for a small project – socks or a Noro crocus bud but no bigger. I’m tempted to try it with a 30cm zip. I have some cotton tick that would probably help it to stand up at that size. They are fab. Thanks for the pattern.

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