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My little pyramid purse February 10, 2009

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thanks to the creative controller I can see a few more bags on my horizon.  She has loaned me a few bag patterns and to help all the girls in the Ravelry Project Bag swap, found some fab patterns to get us all started.  So I decided that I just had to make the pyramid purse and so I did.  I have found that one of the benefits of having a husband in hospital is for some reason, I think the dishes can wait, the folding can be done tomorrow and when my little boy is asleep, my time is my own.  And this evening I have been sewing.  Here is the first pyramid purse, made to match all the other firsts that I have made.

my first pyramid purse

my first pyramid purse

I really really should get some more sleep though.

BTW – I should add that this was made so much simpler by cutting the fabric with my new roller cutter and ruler – it is so much more precise that everything else just fell into place.  I should also add that this is the first time I have ever put in a zipper.

I can see a few more of these coming.


One Response to “My little pyramid purse”

  1. donna Says:

    That looks really good. I will have to make an effort to make another one.

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