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Stuff just happening February 7, 2009

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As I explained to a friend, I have had to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff” with regards to work – it was surreal being in that environment again with the same atmosphere and buzz but with my little boy always at the front of my mind.  What was he doing? How was he doing?  The priorities and perspective all just a little off kilter while everything else stayed the same.  Gryff emerged unscathed and unscarred and although still clingey, I think ready for another go at it.

Since then I have been inspired.  Inspired by the greatness of the people who I meet in every day life and the kindness of absolute strangers.  I discovered the talents of some of the mums in my mums group, an artist and a scrapbooker that just made my heart soar with the emotion and love they showed in their own work – unique touches to their children’s bedrooms and lives.  The kindness of the man that felt my pain at the bus stop last Monday and stopped his car to race the bus to the next stop for me was also an inspiration – how great it was to be on the other end of that RAOK and also how inspiring.

I followed Chaletgirls lead and went the the Eumundi Markets today and continued to be inspired – thrilled by all the handmade stuff there.  Obviously ordinary but talented people who had taken that one further step to actually market their own little contribution to a life without China and mass production and stuff that goes beep.  Wooden toys, cloth books, lovely clothes and cute things with your own name on them.  What a great way to spend the morning.  Until of course you find out that your husband has had a flying accident, has his leg broken in three places and life might just be a little bit different from now on.  Still, again, the kindness and compassion of the people you know well who really step in to make sure Martin has the best of care and the best chance of a complete recovery and people you don’t know quite so well who are obviously concerned for his welfare and making sure he is comfortable.

Not a happy day but not a sad one either.  Martin could have been much more badly injured and knowing where and how he was flying, he was very very lucky and so am I.  A broken leg is an easy fix compared to a broken back and Gryff still has a Daddy.


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