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Just life I guess February 1, 2009

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I really feel like blogging tonight, the night before I walk back in to my office after aoubt 20 months on maternity leave.  The preparations, the questions, the guilt, the excitement, the wanting everything to go well and the dread that it won’t are all playing on my mind.  Still, I really don’t have time… I’m still ironing clothes, sorting my handbag and fretting. I will feel better tomorrow night when it is all over and I will blog soon, when I have my thoughts together.  The one thought that stays with me is just that this is change, not bad change, just change and in fact, it is probably all good for all of us. Especially for the little boy.

my perfect little swimmer

my perfect little swimmer


One Response to “Just life I guess”

  1. donna Says:

    Good luck at work today.

    I will be thinking of you.

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