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another project catch up January 30, 2009

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Whilst I have still been feeling that I haven’t progessed much on projects, I still seem to have made a few things lately.  I know that I haven’t been very focused but perhaps I don’t really have to be to get some sort of stuff done.  I have spent more time than usual on other things around the house and that has made me feel good as well.  Of course I finished the fabulous round yoke Cardi in the Bendi Classic 5 ply.  Another project that I finished and wanted to start making another one.  It was easy, quick and yet still stylish and interesting.

milobo's top down cardi

milobo's top down cardi

And I also made a little penguin for my niece

Penguin for Liney

Penguin for Liney

I love the outcome of these little projects but I do find them a bit dull, just because they are just a combination of little round bits or little round bits squashed into other shapes.  Still, she loved it and that is all that matters.

And, of course there was another bag.  It is a great beach bag which has all the pockets I want and none of  the ones I don’t.  This project made me realise how much I really need a pattern as I got part way through it and realised it was all going ‘pear shaped’.   I don’t know if I ever need to work without a pattern again and I will certainly be resisting the temptation.  I think it was a good use of the new lime green cotton twill and some other fabric I found on special at Spotlight.  Nice and Summery.

New Beach bag

New Beach bag

...with pockets

...with pockets

And last but not least, I found the most fabulous fabric for Gryff – I just had to have it and of course, because I am a lucky person, it was not only on sale at Spotlight, I found it during the ‘end of bolt’ clearance so I was able to buy the lot – guilt free.

Fabric for Gryff - isn't it FAB

Fabric for Gryff - isn't it FAB

I now have two problems, what to make with it and finding some matching fabrics but won’t it be fun solving those problems.  Great problems to have.


2 Responses to “another project catch up”

  1. donna Says:

    love the fabric.

    I immediately thought of a doona cover.

    My boy would love all of the planes too!!!

  2. yarnplanner Says:

    Yes, I think it will be a bed item of some sort, particularly as I am starting to think about getting him out of a cot in to his own bed. Really looking forward to putting some fabrics together and working out what the hell I am doing.
    thanks for the input.

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