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Coming out the other side January 17, 2009

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.. of my fog that is.  I am starting to feel a bit more like things are on the up on the creative front even if I haven’t yet cracked any of the big projects.  What I have been able to do is get some little projects done which I feel really good about and that (I think) has got me back on track.

I have been back making the little soft shoes for Gryff as he took the skin of the top of his big toe and each time he fell over, it seemed to open it up again.  I have moved to leather soles with cotton or soy cotton tops as it is summer and I have taken off the boot part to make it a bit cooler.  They have certainly allowed his toe to heal and I am now consciensly trying to perfect the pattern so that I can make a few for friends.  They are quick and fun and I do like the leather bottom.  It makes them feel a bit more sturdy.

gryff's toe saving shoes

gryff's toe saving shoes

I was able to make the ‘Donna’ bag (the grab bag) in a bigger version.  I’m not sure if it really works but I do like it.  I think it ended up a bit stiff but I did machine applique on the outside and add the pockets I need on the inside.  Still it sits nicely and you can put it over your shoulder.  A great bag for bigger projects

the big donna bag

the big donna bag

and I have now finished the day care bed cover for Gryff and despite having to unpick one side of the blanket binding and the rest not being perfect, I’m pretty pleased with it. I wish I had seen the tutorial on doing the corners of the blanket binding because I made a bit of a hash of them but there will be other blankets and now I know. I am hoping to make a little bag for it tomorrow so it is ready for him next week.  I need to wash it and put it in his cot at home for a few days before it goes to kindy with him so he can get used to it.

Gryff's day care cover

Gryff's day care cover

And I have been collecting a small stash of fabrics which I am really enjoying but I can’t think of anything but bags to make of it.  I am particularly pleased with a purchase of nearly 4 metres of key lime green twill (it cost me $1.40 from the remnants bin) and I think it goes beautifully with some other quilting cotton I bought at Spotlight.  I can’t wait to make it into a bag to start with and then to see what goes from there.  It also goes beautifully with another fabric that I bought to go with some other fabrics that I bought and they also work with some solids I bought for no money at all….. I think you get the picture.  The mixing and matching is obviously something that draws you into patchwork but I can be faffed with the little pieces at present.  I just want to make bags.

the green iwth the pink

the green with the pink


other pinks

more greens

more greens

greens and oranges

greens and oranges

I love the bringing together of the different colours but I find myself as stuck with fabrics as I do with yarn.  Once I buy it and pet it a bit, I don’t want to use it – I can’t just dive in and use it up.  I feel like there might always be a better, more deserving, more perfect project for it in the future.  I am hoping that this is a part of me that makes sure that I am doing the right project at the right time.  My top down cardi for example, is perfect in the Raspberry Classic 5 ply and my Eva was perfect in the Noro even though I had 3 other yarns earmarked for it.

So I now have too much yarn and too much fabric.  I am thinking that as the additional activities such as work kick in, I will has much less time for shopping so this is just a good use of time, not excess.


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