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Creativity cycles January 12, 2009

Filed under: bits of life,Gryff — yarnplanner @ 9:23 am

I guess we all have them, the bottom of the cycle when you just can’t start, finish or create anything that you are happy with.  I am part way through my top down cardi and I love it but just can’t seem to get the enthusiasm to get it finished.  I am really pleased with the way Gryff’s day care cover is coming along but just can’t seem to finalise the blanket binding as I am hesitant of making a mistake (which is very possible as I have no idea what I am doing).  I am so close to the end of the Lavender Crocus but but just not close enough to really push on.  Why do these things happen?  Are they just a glitch in the universe, a little crease that you just can’t seem to iron out or is it a reflection of life in general.  My return to work, the house renovations and all the other ‘stuff’ are on my mind so perhaps there is no room for anything else.

Still, I have some great projects on the go and I should be confident that when I start to crawl out of this little hole, I will be pleased that I can get these things done.  Perhaps I should head off to SnB tomorrow night to say hi and get some inspiration.  Perhaps I should start something really new that I know will please me (that Chimu Monkey for Gryff perhaps) or perhaps I should have a cup of tea and read a book instead.  Pushing might not help.  Must just try a bit harder.

Edited to add: I think it is important to add that I have done a whole lot of cleaning out / up and just cleaning while Gryff had his first nearly full day at day care.  I feel Sooooooo much better and so much clearer.  I feel like I can think about a new project and really enjoy it.  What a strange cycle of life we live in.  I guess I never realised how the weight of the ‘must do’ can bear on the ‘can do’ and how much I need my life in order to pursue other things.  I will be back on that pony soon.


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