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I’ve got some catching up to do January 9, 2009

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Its been a great start to the year but of course, a busy one.  Gryff is starting in day care and I am back to work in just over a week.  It all seems so soon.  Anyway, I have been able to complete some projects and to get my crafting on track.  I have really been enjoying my sewing and now have more bags than I will ever need.  I will have to think about something else to make.

This was one of my first – showing off some pockets

one of my first handbags

one of my first handbags

And here is another one – which is really handy



And here is a big tote that I made out of curtain fabric (I think) but I was practicing piecing some bits together.  The fabric on the bottom and the inside has also been made in to a tablecloth.

my big curtain tote

my big curtain tote

I am finding that each time I make something, I learn something new so I guess I will keep going.  I have now acquired a small fabric stash which is being hidden at present until my husband really understands how important a stash is in any craft.

Something that I love about the sewing is the immediacy of it.  I was pleased to be able to ‘whip up’ one of Donna’s grab bags when we caught up with Caro and Ash the other week.  I was just as pleased to be able to help my 7 year old niece make a little bag when she came to stay.  She was thrilled and I think it was the highlight of her stay.

So the Eva is also finished. Here it is unblocked and I have yet to take a photo of it blocked (or washed and dried really).  I do want to take one of those ‘over the shoulder’ photo’s of the FO so will have to wait until my husband is around to assist.

unblocked Eva

unblocked Eva

I really am so very pleased with it but feel that the Noro has to take most of the credit.  The colours are so amazing.  Of course, the rest of the credit goes to Milobo who designed it.  I think it is such a fab shawl because it is so versatile.  I’m pretty sure I will be making another.

So now back to my sewing.  I am making a small comforter for Gryff’s day care bed in some really neat fabric with cars and planes on it.  I am unsure if he will care but I’m sure glad that I can send him off with something nice to have on his bed.  Hopefully, he will feel the love as he sleeps.


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