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Christmas is over December 26, 2008

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I feel like a small weight has been lifted.  That weight, which is a lovely, “I want to be good” weight but really is about whether or not you have ‘done enough’ to make it all work.  My boy had a great Christmas with just enough presents for him to open  (I decided to hold a couple back) and with great stuff that he really likes.  I am so keen for him to not be overwhelmed that I limit the gifts from family to second hand or pre- approved and those from us to be small and useful / educational / easy to assemble!  Only Nore (my mother – not allowed to call her Grandma) buys a big gift and that is the extent of the spoiling.  Still, it all feels a bit much and I need more time to recover.

Gryff's big present

Gryff's big present

my new crochet hook case

Today I made my little crochet hook pouch.  I’m not experienced enough to modify patterns yet but I can see a few flaws in the pattern that I used.  No problem really, I will just make it again soon and make the changes that I want.  I am downloading all the Christmas pictures from the camera as I write so I can take a photo to upload.  I’m pretty pleased and love the way sewing is so immediate and so zen – with knitting you can do something else – not with sewing… it is mind consuming.

my new crochet hook case

And the EVA is nearly finished. The drive up and back from the Sunny Coast really helped.  I am just finishing the last row ( a row five not six because I am not sure how much yarn I have left) and then the two border rows.  V. exciting.  Just as I would have hoped.  I am not looking forward to that final row because, as I always find with these bigger projects, it is like saying goodbye to a old friend.  Just a bit hard.

Still, looking forward to my next project.  It will be crocheted and it might be the milobo round yoke cardi or it might be the short and sweet. Will decide tomorrow or the next day.


2 Responses to “Christmas is over”

  1. donna Says:

    Great hook case. Mine is a bit dogey too. I really should make another. But being dogey is what makes it a little special.

  2. donna Says:

    …. sorry got interupted

    Love the pic of “the boy”, it looks like he will have great fun on that red rocket.

    I am kinda glad it is all over for another year too.

    My mum doesn’t like grandma either, so she is a “narnie”

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