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Santa Sack December 19, 2008

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Well the Christmas bug has really hit and I have decided to make Gryff a Santa Sack at the last minute.   It seemed so obvious really.  I have some Patons Caressa that I have literally been carrying around with me for 20 years or so.  It is in red, white and green and I bought it originally to make a horrible horrible italian flag cardi.  Yuk.  What was I thinking.  Still… that was at a time when I didn’t realise what a commitment making a whole cardigan was.  I have been wondering whether I would ever use it when my Mum asked if I was using a pillow slip for Gryff’s Santa Sack (that was what we had when we were little).  ‘I’ll make one’  I thought and ‘I’ll put his name on it’!  Then it hit me.  In my quest for Gryff to understand that Christmas is about giving and receiving, I have been thinking that I would like him to give away a couple of his toys (to children who need them more than him), in preparation for him receiving new toys.  So I have decided that on one side of the sack will be his name, and the other side will be ‘Santa’.  I am going to ask him to put his toys for giving away in the sack on Christmas night and we will face the ‘Santa’ side out (so it gets Santa’s attention).  When he wakes up in the morning, those toys will be gone with Santa to other children and his toys will be there.  Of course, the sack will be turned around so that his name is showing.

It is probably a bit early this year, but still, it doesn’t hurt to have a ‘dry run’ for Santa’s helpers, does it?

Pictures to come when the sack is finished.


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