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Learning or Documenting December 12, 2008

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I had a couple of my creations ready for felting.. that is all the knitting and the sewing and stuff was done but it just needed a good wash in hot water.  I promised myself days ago that I would measure and photograph to make sure I could ‘learn’ from my work.  The time came, my boy was finally asleep and off I went, grabbed the items and washed away.  No photographs, no measurements, just my scrappy notes on a post it to help me remember what it was I was trying to do.  Am I really learning from my work or am I just doing… does it matter?  Where does the need for documenting start and how much is really important?  I guess I am hoping that learning is intuitive and even if you write it down or not, it is an experience that creates new nodes in your brain that you can tap in to later.  I know that numbers of stitches and rows are important and if I want to create a specific project of a certain size later, this documentation would be really useful.  But then, if I had spent my hour writing it all down, it might never had got done (because the washing and the dishes and that toy that I had to repair also do not wait).  Perhaps not taking a photo or two is unforgivable … will try harder.

Photos and info to follow (natch)…

BTW, my beautiful boy is 18 months old today… that feels special (as does every single day with him).  He is such a sweet boy.

my boy

my boy


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