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Felting Madness December 6, 2008

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One of the great things about felting (IMHO) is that it allows you to be pretty free with your work.  Nothing really matters, especially the felting that I do.  Easy knit, in the round bags and stuff.  So now that I have a bag that looks WAY to big, I have to start to be really creative.  For the record, I am making a bag out of 13 colours, double stranded with a merge of colour between.  Don’t get out your calculator, that is 25 stripes.  I decided that each stripe would be 4 rows wide but in hindsight, 3 rows would have done. In the last 5 colours, I have reduced down to 3 rows so all in all I am about 15 rows too long.  No big deal really but it just looks really really big.  I am faced with the decision to either change the design, maybe make it a back pack not a tote or just go with it and felt it a bit more.  I was going to make it a really big Booga Bag but I might try the backpack option just because.  Why…? Just because mistakes should teach you something and it feels better to change to suit the conditions than it does just to plough ahead.

I have enought yarn for another and maybe even another so what the hell..?  I would also like to make Gryff a little back pack for when he goes to day care early next year.  So a learning experience, one that I should embrace and not curse, one that I will celebrate with a new back pack.

I love back packs.

I really really do.


One Response to “Felting Madness”

  1. Donna Says:

    I can’t wait to see some photos or in person next week!!!

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