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My calorimetry November 27, 2008

Filed under: pattern ideas — yarnplanner @ 10:20 pm

I don’t quite know how it happened but this evening I made my first calorimetry. Somehow I found myself swatching just to see how my dyed baby yarn works doubled on 5mm needles and then found myself with 100 stitches on said needles and now it is done.  My husband said goodnight to me about half an hour ago (as we are going away for the weekend, he sensibly thinks we need sleep) but my little project is now finished.  So much for powering through gifts and other UFOs. But pretty happy actually. Will leave the button sewing until another time but it works and it fits.  I just want to make another now.


For the record I double stranded the baby yarn (Bella Baby Sugar) that I dyed with another strand of undyed yarn.  It works pretty well actually, just softening the dyed yarn out a bit.  I used the blue and it has worked out nice and spongy which I think it should be as it has to be stretchy and warm.  I won’t be wearing it on the beach this weekend but I might do another one in Paul cotton in khaki because it could be good beach wear and it might be nice and stretchy.  Photos will be added.

Life is full of little surprises.


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