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Getting re-organised November 27, 2008

Filed under: Gryff — yarnplanner @ 8:16 am

After the flurry of Christmas gifts (all done except some finishing on Caroline’s little bag and then some felting), I feel I need to get organised with my other projects.  We are going away this weekend and I am taking the planned Camo Goldie away with me because it is such an easy knit and I did want to get it done.  Will also take the Cashmere Crocus so that I make progress although I would really love to take the Kureyon Eva because I can almost see the end.  Still, I will show restraint and leave it at home.  With any luck that will get more of the Crocus done which needs a bit more attention if I am going to get them all finished by Christmas.  It would be great to start the year with a clean slate (well, with only my mitred granny square blankie on the go – but I am really not aiming to finish that until 12 June, 2009 (Gryffs birthday).  I wonder, as I made him a blankie to mark his first birthday, whether I should make one to mark every birthday.  Imagine, always having some sort of blankie on the go, each project a year long and each reflecting the love I have for him in every stitch.  Not a bad idea. Still, imagine the poor lad leaving home at 20 (or 37 if I have my way), with 20 blankies to pack and move around with him! Perhaps not.

Back to re-organising, it felt that I was disorganised, as I had turned my attention away from my existing projects and suddenly had a lot on the go but really it is ok.  If I finish the Crocus and the Eva by Christmas, I might just fit in a few little projects to keep my going, some fun ones, like the skimmers or another felted bag.  In the new year it will be the QAL KAL and the BSJ to get stuck in to and I am really looking forward to that.

As I am starting work on January 18, I will have to keep my projects to a minimum while I get used to the 2 extra days in my week.  Will they let me crochet at work?


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