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More Christmas Presents November 18, 2008

Filed under: current projects,yarn ideas — yarnplanner @ 1:03 pm

Powering on with the Christmas presents and finalised another two yesterday – two more felted bags will be made, one for my mother and the other for my eldest niece.  Both were enabled by a sale of Vintage Hues at Spotlight in bags of 10 balls.  So I was able to grab some cheap yarn for the presents which will give me some left over for later.  Fantastic… except that I had promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more yarn until after Christmas but as these were for presents, it doesn’t really count does it?  I don’t think so.  I am really keen to just get through these projects, finishing the Christmas gifts, my Kureyon Eva and my Cashmere Crocus Bud so that I can participate in the QAL KAL on Ravelry and make one of these lovely round yoke cardi’s in January. But of course by then I will know the sex of Melissa’s baby and there is that BSJ that needs doing for Gryff and I really really want to do the Clapotis…. More planning, more prioritising and much, much more knitting.


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