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Freedom in felting November 16, 2008

Filed under: current projects — yarnplanner @ 9:46 am

This little felted bag for my niece Caroline has reminded me how much fun these felted bags are.  Usually I have no pattern, no predetermined colourways and no idea.  It is lovely to just be able to go with the flow.  And I have.  Adding a stripe on the flap so that I can put her name on it, some little i-cord danglies to add interest and just sticking to her school colours.  I decided that the strap would be done in garter stitch to make sure it didn’t curl and so will just do the embellishments on the bag itself.  I hope that I can get the swiss darning right so it looks really mickey mouse at the end.

Liney's bag - WIP

Liney's Bag WIP

I feel a bit guilty using this project as a trial for my own bag. Still, it always seems to work out that way… I decide to make something for someone else and then I want one…at least they come first!  I hope she likes it.


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