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Making progress November 14, 2008

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So with the little bag for Caroline basically knitted (but with lots of embellishment to go) and the other mobius on the needles, it feels like I have a bit of my usual Christmas rush under control.  Also ordered the yarn from BWM which my sisters are giving me for Christmas (Merlin Alpaca and Peppercorn Rustic 8 Ply), ordered the books my Mum is giving me and the present my husband is giving me has just arrived.  There are a few things I still need to finish and a few things yet to buy but I feel pretty sorted.  Gryff’s presents are all done because I have been picking them up as I go during the last couple fo months.

I think that my next challenge is to face my sewing up demon!  I was thinking the other night (as I was trying to find another ‘in the round’ project) that if I could teach myself to sew up well, I might just enjoy it and then it would not be that nasty horrible thing that I have to do when I am finished all the fun knitting and crocheting.  I know that it is in my nature to finish with a rush because I want the thing ‘done’ but I really should tryy to make it a fun part of the process.  Will try harder… will do more…. ha ha.


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