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Christmas looming November 12, 2008

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Craftjunk reminded me that Christmas is on its way and while I had decided what presents I would make and what I would buy, I hadn’t actually done a lot of making.  So the Kureyon Eva and the Cashmere Crocus are on hold just for the moment so I can make some headway.  I am starting with the easiest, so that I can get one out of the way – my little niece’s bag – made in her school colours but with her name on it.  I think a 7 year old gets a bit of a kick out of that sort of thing.  It is actually a proto for another bag that I want to make and figure that this smaller version is a good chance to give it a whirl.

I’ll get that and another mobius scarf finished and then get back to Eva and the Bud.

Lucky I have all the yarn in my stash, I would not want to be looking around for yarn at the moment – just not in the mood.


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