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so many pattern ideas November 10, 2008

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It always seems to get to that stage with the work, that you get so far and then, before it is finished, you are looking to the next project.  I am at that point.  I have the Kureyon Eva and the Cashmere Crocus Bud, both well progressed but wanting to think about what is next.

Will it be the Short and Sweet in Rowan Cotton, using the rest of the cotton for some plain green pants for Gryff?

Will it be a top down or round yoke cardi in the Angora Supreme (would be great to use that lovely yarn) – or Bendi yarn?

Will it be the BSJ in a sock yarn, yet to be decided?

Will it be another Eva in some lovely Bendi yarn?

Will it be the Clapotis is some lovely sock?

There are so many others in my list that they go around and around – will narrow it down this week.

On another note, I am feeling that this is the week to really get myself organised – it has been a good start with the paperwork and feeling better about work but if I can get stuck in this week, I will feel pretty good.


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