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ordering some bendi yarn November 9, 2008

Filed under: yarn ideas — yarnplanner @ 11:07 am

I spoke to my beautiful sister today about making her life easier – me buying my own christmas present before the bendi yarn sale finished.  So tomorrow I am ordering some lovely Bendi yarn so that she can give it to me.  The real problem is that when you look at the shade card, you could order almost anything and be happy with it.  I am looking at the Alpaca and the Rustic and I just love the tweedy tones, the deep richness of the red and green tweed, the depth of the ocean colours and the lovely mild, subtleness of merlin and peppercorn.  I am going to order the lighter, more subtle colours to start with but I really am hooked! With the milobo top down cardi and round yoke cardi beckoning, it is great to have such lovely yarns available.  I might just be able to squeeze in a few more balls (just to make the most of the postage of course!). Perhaps I should ring my other sister!!!


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