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Welcome to my blog November 8, 2008

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It’s taken a few attempts to get here but I am confident that this is the place.  A place to write about my ideas for patterns and yarns and a place to download other stuff which may or may not be of interest to anybody else.

Why do we need such a place? Is it the equivalent of that quiet back room that I had always dreamed of, with my books and interests around me, my music just a finger tip away and a cosy cushion on the floor with all my ‘stuff’ out in front of me. Perhaps it will become that place.  A place to let your mind wander, where it is not judged or criticised, but will help you to make good choices.  I need such a place to make lovely items out of beautiful yarn.  Such a place to help me to be a fabulous Mum to Gryff without losing myself.  A place to continue my career some day and feel really really good about it.

Not sure how this will end up but it will be fun (I think).


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